Applying for (or Renewing) your ASMDA Membership

    Read all the instructions below carefully before you start the application or renewal process.  If you have any problems, please contact us at [email protected].

    New Membership:  Simply click the Membership Application link in the left sidebar to complete an application.  Membership options are shown below.  Several options are free.  Note: Corporate Memberships cannot be completed or renewed on this page--instructions are provided below for Corporate Memberships.

    Membership Renewal:  Click the Renew Membership link in the left sidebar to start the process.  This link will take you to the Member Login screen.  Use your email address as your login id.  A link on that page will let retrieve your password.  

    Note: the system may know your email address and cansend you a password reset link to your email account; however, when you try to login, it may still tell you the "your login and password are invalid".  If this happens, simply use the Membership Application link instead of the Renew Membership link.  The system will not require you to login and it will be able to find your old membership information and let you renew.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have problems.

    Membership Options

    ASMDA offers several options for membership which are detailed below.

    Review the Membership Options then click here to provide your application information and make a payment, if required.   Our Refund Policy and Shipping Disclaimer can be found here.

    Corporate – $150.00/yr.

    Please note that for voting purposes these corporate memberships only carry the authority of one vote.  The membership benefits extend to all employees of the company and their families.  It is not necessary to list company representatives by name.

    Individual – $10.00/yr.

    Individual membership dues are for members of the business community who support USASMDC, MDA (HSV), MSIC, NASA MSFC and PEO-MS

    Current (or Retired) US Federal Gov’t Employee – *free

    Current or retired employees of the U.S. Federal Government will NOT be charged a fee for membership.  

    Active Duty (or Retired) Military – *free

    Retired or current employees of the U.S. Federal Government will NOT be charged a fee for membership.