Mr. Paul O. Phillips

Mr. Paul Phillips was associated with Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command (formerly SAFEGUARD, SENTINEL, NIKE-X, and NIKE ZEUS) since 1959 when he joined the Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. During this period he held many responsible positions. Because of his extensive technical and executive capabilities, he has played a key role in the evolution of the ABM weapons system concepts. Through the phasing of NIKE ZEUS, NIKE-X, SENTINEL into SAFGUARD, some of he achievements and contributions were: preparing the first Technical Development Plan for NIKE ZEUS, a $1.2 billion program; planning for the first ABM system; planning for the first discrimination radar; conduct of the first successful ICBM intercept; planning, developing, and testing of the ZMAR phased array radar; planning and direction of the reentry measurement program (RMP) with the Air Force and ARPA; top level coordination with the AEC in the development of warheads for SPARTAN and SPRINT; formulating a test program to exercise the system against the postulated threat by using targets flown into Kwajalein Island; and planning for the SPARTAN High Performance third stage which is now incorporated into the Improved SPARTAN.