Mr. Jerry W. Cavender

From 1970, Mr. Jerry Cavender held a variety of positions in the Army ballistic missile defense organizations, including division chief and branch chief positions.

From January 1989 until August 1992, Mr. Cavender served as the Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking System Project Manager, directing the efforts of a comprehensive hardware development and test program designed to resolve critical technology and functional performance issues associated with exoatmospheric surveillance and tracking sensors.

From December 1989 to August 1992, he also directed the Systems Analysis/Battle Management Directorate, U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command, and was responsible for strategic defense system requirements and concepts analysis.

Mr. Cavender managed the Army National Missile Defense (ANMD) Program Office, Program Executive Office for Missile Defense. He directed the systems definition, development, and comprehensive test program associated with the ground based elements of the NMD system. The system included the Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, the Ground Based Radar, and engagement planning. The Army executed the ANMD program for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization.