Dr. William O. Davies

Throughout his 20 year government career, Dr. William Davies received numerous awards for his exceptional performance. He was the author of more than 50 publications in the fields of chemical physics, reentry physics, space flight, and strategic technology.

From 1969 through 1984, Dr. Davies headed the Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center’s Optics Directorate. His optics program established a military capability with background sensors that operate in a space and hostile environment and formed the basis for the current SDI optical sensor surveillance concepts.

Dr. Davies was the top civilian manager of USASDC’s billion-dollar-plus annual strategic technology program. In addition, he concurrently headed the Systems Analysis and Battle Management Directorate until January 1989. In this role he led development of the first SDI battle management demonstration, global sensor network experiments for early identification of system integration issues; and the surveillance system that maintains the Army’s role in space technology.

Dr. Davies was cited for one of his many awards for “innovative leadership and dedications to the public interest that have been instrumental in establishing the systems and technology to support the President’s strategic defense vision. His personal initiative has been the driving force for technology advances that offer revolutionary improvements in surveillance and strategic defense. He has served as a catalyst for industry-university-government cooperative efforts critical to success of this complex program.”