Dr. Thomas Patton

Dr. Thomas Patton was arms control advisor for the U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command (USASDC). He served in that capacity since the position was created in 1982. As arms control advisor, Dr. Patton advised key USASDC officials of the potential impact of USASDC programs on U.S. arms control agreements. In addition, he advised the USASDC program executive officer in connection with his responsibility to ensure Army compliance with the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty.

Dr. Patton entered government service in 1962 as a general engineer with the Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. From 1965 to 1968, he worked as an aerospace technician with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama. In 1968, Dr. Patton joined the Army’s Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Program, working as an engineer in the Sentinel/SAFEGUARD development and deployment program until 1975. He then returned to the Army Missile Command and specialized in foreign military sales for the Hawk Project.