Dr. Julian Davidson

Dr. Julian Davidson spent over 16 years in the ballistic missile defense program for the U.S. Government with increasing levels of responsibility culminating as the deputy ballistic missile defense program manager. As deputy ballistic missile defense program manager his responsibilities included testifying before Congress on all matters of the U.S. ballistic missile defense programs and policy. He was also responsible for the management of an organization that consisted of several thousand personnel, controlling programs with funding levels of several billions of dollars. During his tenure with the ballistic missile defense program, Dr. Davidson was the first director of the Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency where he was responsible for all U.S. ballistic missile defense advanced technology development. Earlier, Dr. Davidson was involved with the system design of ballistic missile defenses including radar design, interceptor missile design and system engineering and integration. Dr. Davidson directed the team that developed the deployment analysis which led to the decision for the first and only deployment of ballistic missile defense in the United States.

Dr. Davidson was involved in the early U.S. Missile and Space Program. He developed instrumentation which was used on the missile that placed the first U.S. satellite into orbit.

Dr. Davidson has published extensively both in the classified and unclassified literature on missile space and missile defense technology and policy issues.

Dr. Davidson has served as both member and chairman of numerous committees and panels dealing with missiles including ballistic missile defense, military and space systems, and as the chairman of the Air Force Studies Board of the National Research Council. He has received the Army Exceptional Civilian Service Award, twice, the Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award, and has been elected to the U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command Civilian Employee Hall of Fame