Loretta Spencer University Scholarships

The Mayor Loretta Spencer University scholarships are available to individual ASMDA members and their immediate family members, corporate members' employees and their immediate family members, as well as military and civilian personnel currently assigned to sponsored government organizations and their immediate family members.

The scholarships are for undergraduate junior or seniors) or graduate students majoring in science or engineering. The scholarships are presented at the annual Space and Missile Defense Conference.

The number of scholarships and amount of each scholarship (typically $4000 for the scholarship) is dependent upon the availability of funds in the ASMDA budget.

A sample scholarship announcement letter for the Mayor Loretta Spencer scholarship and the scholarship information sheet is available on the ASMDA website and in Appendix C.

Within 14 days after the scholarships have been awarded the chairman of this activity will provide a paragraph, and possibly pictures to the ASMDA President and the Website Committee Chair for publication on the ASMDA website.

 Committee Chair Committee Members
 Tom Newberry Loretta Spencer
  Joe Greeen
  Jim Davis
  Al Kemmet
  Dave Poehlein
  Kevin Moore

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