SMD Annual Symposium

The ASMDA SMD Annual Symposium Committee is responsible for supporting the planning and execution ofthe Annual SMD Symposium. In this effort, ASMDA partners with the National Defense Industrial Association (NOIA) and Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA), RSA Huntsville, Al Chapter to advertise, plan and execute the event. The ASMDA Board President represents ASMDA at the SMD Annual Symposium Executive Board. The Executive Board has overall responsibility for the planning and execution of the Annual Symposium.

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Space Camp Scholarships

The ASMDA Space Camp Scholarships Committee is responsible for managing the ASMDA yearly Space Camp Scholarship program. The committee is responsible for announcing the details of the yearly scholarship opportunity, budgeting, advertising, collecting applications, and reviewing and recommending scholarship selections to the ASMDA board. The committee is also responsible for notifying the scholarship recipients, applicants who were not selected and appropriate personnel at the Space and Rocket Center who facilitate the space camp and arrangements. The committee is also responsible for working with the Space and Rocket Center to set up an appreciation luncheon (halfway through the camp) with campers and various local dignitaries (Huntsville and Madison mayors, commanders, directors or representatives of various supported organizations, etc.)

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Loretta Spencer University Scholarships

The Mayor Loretta Spencer University scholarships are available to individual ASMDA members and their immediate family members, corporate members' employees and their immediate family members, as well as military and civilian personnel currently assigned to sponsored government organizations and their immediate family members.

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Education Opportunities (AIE, etc.)

The ASMDA Adventures in Engineering Committee is responsible for coordinating with the Junior Achievement of Northern Alabama, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama A & M, and Calhoun Community College to advertise, plan and execute the annual Adventures in Engineering Day.

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The ASMDA Nominations Committee is responsible for maintaining a current roster of the Association Officers (Section 2.2), active Board Members (Section 2.1), Board of Trustees (Section 2.3), and all ex-officio officers and Board Members. The Nominations Committee is also responsible for preparing the slate o f candidates for all vacant offices for presentation to the Board for approval. These vacancies may occur regularly at the end of their term as well as any vacancies that may occur out of cycle such as resignations or other changes.

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Wall of Honor

The ASMDA Wall of Honor Committee is responsible for drafting and releasing the bi-annual nomination announcements, managing their assigned budget, making sure the nomination opportunities are properly advertised to eligible nominating organizations, collecting nominations, and reviewing and recommending selections to the ASMDA board.

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Performance Awards

The ASMDA Performance Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting and evaluating the annual Technical and Service Award nominations of contractor and government personnel who work directly on space and missile defense activities being executed by the Missile Defense Agency, the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command; Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center, the PEO for Missiles and Space, the Marshall Space Flight Center or Missile and Space Intelligence Center. Committee Members evaluate each and every nomination and assign a 1-n value to rank each nomination, with 1 being the best score and "n" being the lowest. The value of each nomination assigned by each committee member is then averaged and award selections are based on the lowest aggregate score. The committee then collectively decides where to draw the line for the total number of awards in each category.

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The ASMDA Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining the membership application/renewal electronic and paper application/renewal process and procedure. The membership committee will work to ensure greater than 50% of our membership is active military of current government employees for federal agencies to participate, e.g. USASMDC, MDA, MSIC, NASA, etc. The Committee is responsible for managing any associated budget.

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Communications / Publicity

The ASMDA Communications and Publicity Committee is responsible for working with the ASMDA Board Chairman other ASMDA Committee Chairs to advertise and communicate ASMDA program events, scholarship opportunities, and accomplishments to ASMDA stakeholders. The committee can use the ASMDA website, group email notices, paper fliers, announcements other non-ASMDA meetings are just some of the tools to be used.

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